Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hunger (Reading Log Stupid Review #1 of 1

Hunger starts with Sam and a couple of other kids going on a food hunt. They find a cabbage patch and E.Z. goes in to pick a cabbage. He gets attacked in killed by worms. Sam kills the worms and takes a dead one to Astrid to examine.

End of Summary

(No, I don't know how my teacher accepted this.)

Gone (Reading Log Stupid Review #1 of 1)

The middle of Gone starts with Sam tied up and Astrid in a classroom. Drake is being mean to Astrid to Pete teleports her to their house. Astrid knows that Drake will be looking for her so she takes Petey to Clifftop, a place she knows Sam will find her at. Quinn saves Sam and they make a run to the marina where they take a boat and head to Clifftop. Sadly, Drake is watching and gathers some other sadists to help him take on Sam, Quinn, and Edilio. Meanwhile,  Lana is being dragged deep into the mine by a pack of wolves (who can talk!). They go far enough that the wolves hear the "Darkness". Apparently, the "Darkness" said they would have to learn how to kill people from Lana, so they drag her on a journey. Back in Perdido Beach, Drake is already at Clifftop, while Sam arrives five minutes later. Drake tries to kill Astrid, but Sam knocks him out. Quickly, the five escape to safety. After a couple of attacks from Drake's crew, they find a V shaped island that they think will work for them since their boat is almost done for. Meanwhile, Lana is still following the pack. She has had nothing to eat or drink in days and she finally tells the pack she won't continue unless she gets some real food to eat, so they take her back to her cabin. Sam, Astrid, Petey, and Quinn, after walking for two days stumble upon a cabin (O.o I wonder whose it is?) one night. Unfortunately, there is a pack of wolves running towards them as they are about to enter. Three wolves enter with them and, though Edilio kills them, Sam is horribly injured. The next morning a girl comes in a heals Sam (guess who...). Here name is Lana. She explains the situation with the wolves and gives them some food. A few days later the wolves come and burn down the cabin, but Sam saves everyone with his powers.

End of Summary.

Marks of Secret #2 and #3 (finished!)


The Marks of Secret continues with Gregor, Ares, Luxa, and Aurora going into the horrendous jungle to find the rest of the nibblers (mice) and report Cerian's death. When they get to the nibblers' colony, the are attacked by twisters (snakes). Gregor goes into rager mode and saves everyone. After cleaning up a little, Gregor, Luxa, and their friends return to Regalia the next morning. It is during lunch that something strange happens. While Luxa, Gregor, Boots, Hazard, Temp, and their bonds are eating, Vikus comes in with a basket full of baby nibblers. Luckily, Hazard speaks nibbler and translates for them. Luxa and Gregor decide to go on a quest to find out what happened to the nibblers.


     Luxa and Gregor were planning on going on a quest to save the nibblers but disguised it as a picnic. Unfortunately, Hazard, Boots, and Howard assume it is a real picnic and tag along on their bats. After a couple of hours, Luxa finds the area they were originally going to go to by the Fount. It is right by a nibbler colony. They eat some food at the picnic but still have TONS left over. They go into the nibbler colony and everything looks frozen in time, except there are no nibblers. On one wall there is a mark. (It looks like the sharp end of a scythe.) Hazard almost faints when he sees it. When Luxa asks him what's wrong, he says it is a mark of secret. It is the scythe, the mark that means death. Of course, Luxa must discover what happened to the nibblers, so she and everyone else venture deeper in the cave. Howard, who previously lived in the Fount, shows them the Swag. It is a large river. By the Swag Luxa discovered a paw-print made in nibbler blood. They decide to cross the Swag. While crossing the Swag there is an earthquake! Gregor loses Boots and everyone is struggling to breathe. 


Sorry I haven't been posting for a while! I have been busy! If you didn't already know, I have become obsessed with Mortal Instruments and just recently finished book three. Luckily, it used to be the last book in the series, so it doesn't have such a big cliff-hanger at the end so I won't die of waitation (meaning waiting to long) to get it.