Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If I Stay

Okay, so some of my fellow Bookworms / Booklions may have heard of If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Well, you see before we discuss this beautiful piece of literature, let me tell you my If I Stay story; The day  night I bought If I Stay  was when I saw the trailer at the movie The Fault In Our Stars. I had already heard about the book through various BookTubers and it was high up on my Goodreads to read list. I didn't really know what the book was about, because the trailer made almost no sense, and if it would have normally I was to hyped up for TFIOS that I wasn't really paying very much attention. So anyways, when I got home from the TFIOS movie I went to the Kindle Fire Book Store and found out that If I Stay was on Sale!!! Clearly the universe just wanted to buy this book. So I did. And that's my If I Stay story.

So I haven't actually finished the book, but I have gotten far enough in the story to cry when I watch the trailers. I do not know the ending of the story. Please DO NOT comment the ending or I will forever hate you. Look below for an accurate description.
My reaction to people who spoil books without me asking them to.
Also, I can't really quite decide yet what I want her to do yet, and I feel like if its going to be like this if I find out:
So, I am perfectly willing to discuss this book with you, but please note I am at this part so DO NOT SPOIL it for me! I'm on page 64. (exactly 25%) I am at the part where Mia is talking about the time her mom snuck her into a casino, and how the ICU is like that.  DO NOT SPEAK TO ME FURTHER THAN THAT!  Also please do not comment with Have you read about {insert part I haven't read here}? that spoils it!

Anyways, if you hadn't heard of If I Stay before this, it is a fantastic work of literature and you should read it sometime!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{If I Stay}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Keep Calm and Read On,
Katniss Stone