Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Your Weekly Review: The Awakening

      A few weeks ago I did the Summoning as a review. This is the second book in the trilogy.
The Awakening 
My Review: Best book in a month at least!!
Another Bookworms Review: Sooooo good!
 The Awakening is about Chloe, a runaway from Lyle House. Now she is cooped up in a cell by the Edison Group and, according to the ghosts (and demi-demon), she better escape soon before she turns into a ghost! The next day Dr. Davidoff walks in with another Lyle Housemate's mother, who is on the board of directors, Mrs. Enright. They say that Simon, a runaway they hadn't caught yet thanks to Derek, was diabetic and needed insulin withing seventy-two hours or he would die. Since Chloe was so close to Simon and Derek they asked Chloe if she knew any rondevu  points where Simon or Derek would be. Chloe knew they capture them and maybe even kill Derek, so she came up with fake spots. At dinner, she finds out the obvious, they weren't there. She says that they might be at a warehouse where they were hiding from the Edison Group that night. They ask her where, but she says she has to see it to remember. The next day Dr. Davidoff, Mrs. Enright, Tori,  Rae, Dr. Fellows (AKA Aunt Lauren), Mike the security guard, and Chloe set out to find the "spot". When they get there Mrs. Enright says she will take Chloe to find Simon instead of Chloe Aunt. Mrs. Enright is very mean (she is called the B word often in the trilogy) to Chloe and Aunt Lauren ends up coming to her rescue and helping her escape. She and Tori eventually find Tori with the help of Liz, a dead Lyle Housemate whom Chloe ( a necromancer) can talk too. What happens next? Read the book or contact me on Google+ to find out!

Your Weekly Review: Slated

Sorry this is one week late!

My Review: Amazing!
Another Bookworms Opinion: Great!

     The book Slated is about a girl named Kyla who's memory has been erased. This is because she has done a bad thing. (Is what they tell her) She is given a chance to start her life over. Finally she gets adopted by a family late. She is adopted late because of her nightmares. Memories? It can't be! Her memory has been erased. Later, she finds out she draws better with her left hand. No! She's right handed. People start disappearing. Including her art teacher. What is happening to them? Are they  slating innocent people? I really mixed up the book so if you want to know what happened, read the book!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Your Weekly Review: The Summoning

If you are wondering what the daily review is it is that each day I will review one book. Don't worry though! If you miss a review it will show up on Page 6. The Hunger Games Trilogy review is basically on The Hunger Games Rule! which you can access on through a page on here. Enjoy!  

The Summoning
      My Review: Great book!
                                      *This is just my opinion.

     Summary: I don't want to give too much away, but..... The main characters are Tori, Chloe (author), Liz, Derek, Simon, and Rae. (Lyle Housemates) Tori is a witch. Chloe is a necromancer. Derek is a werewolf. Simon is a sorcerer. Rae is a half demon (fire). They are all supernaturals. At the beginning  of the book Chloe sees her first ghost in quite a few years. Once she tries to jump out a second floor window to run away from the ghost and kicks a teacher, she is sent to Lyle House, a so called group home for disturbed kids. At Lyle House another ghost tries to tell her to unlock the door. She soon finds out that Lyle House has some secrets. She is a necromancer. The rest of the Lyle House kids are supernaturals too. Derek and Simon have a father that can help them!  How does it end? Read the book to find out! (P.S. If you don't want to read and want a full summary of the book email or Google+ me for the answer!)
* This review is just of the first book.

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I want to have a poll for favorite books  on this blog, but so far I only have a few! I'm still adding the poll to the blog, but if you don't see the book you want, just comment and it will magically appear! Your book will also appear on the Great Books! page with your name next to it!


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