Wednesday, April 30, 2014

City of Fallen Angels (SRLR 1 or 3)

City of Fallen begins with Simon and Isabelle on a date. While they are talking about Luke and Jocelyn's wedding, to subjugates come and force Simon to meet a vampire named Camille. When Simon goes and meets her, she asks him to join her to defeat Raphael. She gives Simon 5 days to decide. Meanwhile, Clary, Jace, Luke, amd Maryse find out there has been a recent string of dead Shadowhunters. When given the chance to talk to one, they find out someone named Camille did it. At one of Simon's band practices, a guy named Kyle auditions for the role of lead singer. He gets the part and allows Simon to move into his apartment. I hope Kyle doesn't turn out to be evil. 

City of Glass (Stupid Reading Log Review 3 of 3)

City of Glass continues with Sebastian / Jonathon and Jace fighting, Jonathon is about to kill Jace when Isabelle comes up and slices his hand off with her whip. Sebastian hardly notices and continues to fight, until Jace uses a trick Valentine taught him and kills him. Meanwhile, Clary finally makes it to Lake Lynn and Valentine captures her. She faints, and when she is awake again she cannot speak or move easily. Jace comes and tries to rescue her, but Valentine proves he can even kill his own son. He uses Jace's blood in the mortal cup. Them he summons Raziel says Valentine is too demonic for an angel, kills him, and offers Clary a wish come true. She wishes for Jace. The angel tells her to close her eyes and when she opens them he is alive. This book ends at a celebratory party. I think this book ends to happily for a Cassandra Clare book. I sense danger soon in the next book (I was right)

It's Raining Cupcakes (Stupid Reading Log Review 1 of 1)

It's Raining Cupcakes is about a girl named Isabel, whose mom opened a cupcake shop in an old laundromat. Throughout the book Isabel describes stages in her life using cupcake analogies! About half way through the book, Isabel decides to enter a baking contest to win a trip out of old boring Willow, to busy New York. Isabel's mom urges her to enter a cupcake recipe, so It's Raining Cupcakes (the name of the shop) will get good publicity. Isabel makes fantastic chocolate jam tarts, but settles for a s'mores cupcake instead. It turns out, her mom submitted the tart recipe for her! Isabel's tarts win the contest and she is able to go to New York. I hope there is a sequel about New York. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy baking, because this book includes recipes and baking analogies. 

City of Glass (Stupid Reading Log Review #2 of 3)

When Alec brings Simon to the Clave , it turns our the new inquisitor is OUT OF HIS MIND and locks Simon in a jail cell. The inquisitor threatens to starve him if he doesn't lie about the Lightwoods. Meanwhile, Clary draws a rune to portal to Idris. She ends up in a poisonous lake and starts hallucinating. Luke takes her to his sister's house where she cures her and lets Clary stay with her. The next day, Clary sneaks out of her window to see Jace. I wonder what Jace will think. I hope he is not mad. I would recommend this book to Cassandra Clare fans because she continues to write awesomely in this book.

City of Glass (Stupid Reading Log Review #1 or 3)

City of Glass starts with Clary preparing to go to Idris to meet Ragnor Fell, a warlock who can cure her mother. The only problem is that her long lost 'brother' (at this time I had no clue that they were not siblings) Jace doesn't want her to go. He tells her friend Simon to convince her not to go. While Simon is there, a bunch of demons attack. Jace, Alec, and Isabelle are able to fight them off, though Simon is injured. Jace brings him through the portal to Alicante. In Alicante, Jace has to explain to the Clave why a downworlder is there. I hope Simon will be okay.

City of Bones (Stupid Reading Log Review #1 of 1)

     City of Bones is the first book in the Mortal Instruments series. It starts off on the main character, Clary's, birthday. Her best friend Simon heads off with her to Pandemonium. While in Pandemonium, Clary witnesses a murder. She tells Simon and he goes to get a security guard. While Simon is gone, Clary starts yelling at the 'people' who just committed the murder. Their names were Jace, Isabelle, and Alec. Jace explains to her that nobody else can see them. When Simon gets back, he and Clary go home. The next day Clary and Simon go to a poetry reading for their friend Eric. Jace shows up and takes Clary outside to talk to her.  While they are talking Clary's mom calls and tells Clary not to come home. All Clary hears is a large CRASH in the background before her phone dies.  Frantically, she grabs Jace's censor, which she thinks is a phone, and runs home. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Just Wanted You To Know

Hey everyone! I just wanted you to know that from this day on I will review any book (as long as it's appropriate) for you. Even if it is not published and can only be found on Wattpad, that's okay. If you comment on any post at all, or send me an email (that email thing will probably work better) I will be sure to read it. 

When You Reach Me

So I finally finished When You Reach Me  by Rebecca Stead and I would give it about 3.38 stars. I was kind of hard to read, but still entertaining just the same. When You Reach Me is about a girl named Miranda who suddenly gets these notes from a stranger. It includes a lot of stuff about time travel and it goes really deep sometimes. I would recommend this book to science fictions lovers probably because it has a lot of concepts I didn't quite understand, but science fiction lovers would. All in all it was a pretty good book.