Friday, September 13, 2013

The Marks of Secret #1

 The Marks of Secret is the fourth book in The Underland series. It starts with Gregor AKA the warrior going down to the Underland for is echolation lessons with Ripred, his gnawer (rat) friend. Ripred tells him about yet another prophecy and he visits his mom in the hospital. His mom was infected with plague and hasn't healed yet. After that he goes and finds his little sister, Boots. He finds Boots with his friends Luxa, the queen. They have dinner and afterwards Luxa takes him to meet her nibbler (mouse) friends, Cevian. When they find him, he is dead!!!!

The Fingertips of Duncan Dorfman (Again one and only)

A/N: This book had three POVs I will use black for Duncan blue for April and red for Nate

At the beginning of this book Duncan Dorfman moves to Pennsylvania and finds out he has a secret power.
Meanwhile, April is struggling to show her sports-crazy family that Scrabble is a sport. While April is dealing with that, Nate Saviano is trying to get back his normal life. All of there lives collide at the YST (Youth Scrabble Tournament). 

The Selection (The one and only installment which was in the middle of the book so this will make absolutely no sense.)

The Selection
     This section of The Selection starts with America in the women's room talking to Adele. Later on, America finds out that her old boyfriend Aspen is working at the palace. This distracts her, causing her and Prince Maxon to get into a fight. Aspen comes in a makes her feel better. This makes her question if she should stay at the palace. Everything is back to normal until there is a midnight  rebel attack. With the help of her maids, America makes it to the safety compartment and survives the attack. 
       The next day, America is allowed to call home. She tells her parents she is safe a May thinks she loves Maxon. 



   Coming VERY soon is a new type of post. Now that school has started again I have been very busy trying to juggle homework, and extra-curricular activities allowing me very little time to write stories (SORRY READERS!!!) and add new posts to my blogs. Fortunately, I am usually free on the week-ends and the end of the day on Friday.   Then, last night, I had a LIGHT-BULB!  (I just love having light-bulbs.)

It was that, since for homework I have to keep a reading journal, I can just put my installments on here.
So I will do that.

I've had about four weeks of school and sometimes I write more than one passage so I'll post all of the ones I've done so far. I won't post the ending questions which are required because I they are stupid sounding and will probably ruin the entire books. I can and will fix them up to look a little like a book review though. Please keep in mind that there will be at least five or more installments for each book I read if I write from beginning to end. I might also repeat myself quite a few times as I am sometimes more ahead in the book then I write, (I'm writing chapters one through ten and so on each week) so I might post more about the part that I am in at the moment and you will find out about it a couple weeks later again. If I forget to post them for a week or two, the next posts will have all of  them.

              ~Cupcakes Rule AKA Katniss Stone!