Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Make a Book Nook! (My first ever DIY tutorial.)

      Alright. Let me start off by saying I used to not have a book nook. Then I got on Pinterest and I saw wonderful, wonderful book nooks...... I decided that life would be over and the world would slowly die (unlike it is now! soooooo cold) and end, so I took it upon myself to make one. I didn't follow anybody's tutorial because I didn't have a closet to use. Instead, I made one on my bed. Note that I have a full sized bed, and therefore have lots of room. If you have a twin bed, you, my friend, do not have lots of room and should go follow somebody else's closet tutorial unless you want to only follow my decorating instructions. Okay so now that I've droned on and on forever, Let's begin!

Step One:
Have a bed. Luckily, you probably do. If you don't, than sell your computer and iDevices and buy one!

Step Two:
Remove pillows, blankets, remotes, wadded up pieces of paper, cats, etc.. and put in a pile somewhere. I chose the floor.
Your bed should look something like this.
Your pile might look something like this.

And your cat......

Will attack you.

Step Three:
Take one of those thing that they give you when you buy sheets, the one without the corners. (Who uses those anyways?) and duct tape it across. Or at least at the corners. If you don't want to use duct tape, use hooks for step four.

Step FOUR:
Take your taped sheet and hang it on your wall. Or if you are using hooks hang it on your hook. Unprofessional tip: Make sure you tape it so it will give you room. My first try was a sheet taped to the wall.

Little Side Note:
The outside of your nook doubles as a background for pictures!

Step Five: *Optional*
Take a nap in your new space since that was a whole lot of work you did right there!

Step Six: A Mini-DIY project that takes about five minutes.
Take an old sheet and hang to corners on hooks. This makes and awesome reading nest, and when you get out of it, it bounces up, which is great since our book nook can't take up too much space on our bed.

It great for sitting!

It's great for hugging yourself?

It's great for hiding!

Step Seven:
Add a folded up comforter to your nook. It adds that extra cushion-y feel that I love about book nooks!

Step Eight:
Add Pillows! Now after these pictures I know what you're thinking, that's not enough pillows.

 I really love pillows

Step Nine:
Add Blankets. AKA CAPES!

I like my cape

Step Ten:
Add lights. I added my Christmas lights and my happy face lamp. Man, I love my happy face lamp.

 Happy Face Lamp

 Staring Contest!

Christmas Lights!

Step Eleven:
Choose a book and enjoy! This is probably the hardest one. Well, the choosing part, not the enjoying.
For the purpose of this demonstration, I chose Allegiant. Even though I read that a looooong time ago. I still have fresh feels.
 Another Picture of my reaction to the end
 Ranting about Four
 Okay, This is okay.
Four makes a joke.

The Final Product: 

ta da!