Friday, March 21, 2014

The Book Thief (Stupid Reading Log Review #1 of 1)

The Book Thief is about an orphan named Liesel Meminger, and it takes place when Hitler was Germany's leader. One day, while Liesel and her brother Werner were on a train to go to their foster parents, Liesel's brother dies. While at his graveside Liesel sees a book, so she steals it. It is called The Grave Digger's Handbook. At her new home, Liesel's papa discovers the book and teaches her how to read it. When she is finished she wants another book. An opportunity to steal a new book comes soon when the Hitler Youth must go to a book burning. Liesel stays behind and notices an unburnt book. She steals it. I hope she will steal more books.

Allegiant (Stupid Reading Log Review #3 of 3)

     Tobias found out that Uriah is dead and feels guilty. Tris decides to go to the city. She also decides to erase the Bureaus memories. To do that someone must go to the weapons lab. Caleb volunteers to get sprayed with Death Serum so he can spray the memory serum all over the Bureau. I think the plan will work.

Allegiant (Stupid Reading Log Review #2 of 3)

Tris and Tobias had their genes tested and found out that Tris was technically the only actual Divergent. Nita goes to Tobias and tells him to meet her. She takes him to Marcus' trial! I hope Tobias is okay.

Allegiant (Stupid Reading Log Review #1 of 3)

My teacher was reading this at the same time as me, so I made sure not to put many spoilers in it.

     Allegiant is from both Tris' and Tobias'  point of view. While wandering around Erudite headquarters Tris gets attacked and kidnapped by Allegiant. They tell her to meet them at midnight, where she made her confession. She goes wit her friends and finds out the leaders are.... I hope she joins the Allegiant.

Good Curses Evil (Stupid Reading Log Review #1 of 1)

   Good Curses Evil is about a kid named Rune who goes to Dread Master's School for Wayward Villains. He gets busted in the Dread Master's (his dad's) class for doodling a cat-a-bat. Eventually, he gets a plot, along with Chad. He finds out Chad is his brother and gets mad at his dad. I hope he doesn't get hurt. I wonder why his dad never told him about Chad.

The Elite and The Prince (Stupid Reading Log Review #1 of 1)

      The Elite
      The Elite ends with America getting an assignment to come up with a plan to help Illea in someway. She doesn't know what to do, but at the last second she comes up with a plan: to destroy the castes!!!  When she presents this plan on The Report the king is furious! He takes Maxon into his office for a talk that gets America sent home. Just before she is going to leave, Maxon tells her she can stay. Then the book ends and makes me wait until May for the next book. (Yes I put that in my actual reading log) I think the king should rethink his attitude.

The Prince
     The Prince is a novella about The Selection. It starts with Maxon's birthday party. He meets his friend Daphne. Daphne explains that she is in love with him. Maxon is sad because since Daphne is the daughter of the king of France, he cannot marry her. The book goes through the first chapter of The Selection and includes 2 chapters from Elite. I think the author did a good job. I hope she writes more novellas. I would recommend this book to Selection fans because you wouldn't understand the book unless you read The Selection.

The E-Book Chronicles: Fractured

(A.N. I am not including all of them, because a few of them are only highlighted for their notes)
  • Next morning is misery and gray drizzle. Not helped by how I ache, everywhere, from head to toe. Page 146
  • He's been re-Slated. Page 216
  • He doesn't know who I am. Page 216
  • I will be strong again. I can do anything. Page 225
  • "Nico knows!" Page 245
  • Without thought, I reach up, trail my fingers across the scar on his face with a sense of wonder. I've done this before. Page 247
  • If Nico says I must do thism that I can do this, it must be so. Page 270
  • But years ago, it was Katran who held me in the night when dreams made me cry in terror. Katran, who believes with all he is that what he is doing is the way to overcome the Lorders and make our world a better place. Page 274
  • "Yes. Nico said my parents gave me to him. Thar they and I agreed to have this done to me. I want to know. I need to know the truth."    "I've got something for you," he says. "But only if you are sure. Do you want to remember, no matter what?"     "Yes. I'm sure." Page 278
  • "Fight the good fight." Page 279
  • - die the good death. Page 279
  • Tell the truth. Do it! Don't make me kill you. Page 283
  • I can't do it. I won't do it.  Page 288
  • look after the people you care about, who are here, now. Page 290
  • It is time I faced up to the trouble I've caused. Page 293.
  • He is my terror. The black stuff of nightmares. Page 294
  • "It's a her, and shut up and let me think."  Page 295
  • "The next one won't be in a tree," a voice says. A voice that makes me tremble. Page 299
  • And there is Nico, gun pointed at my head. Page 299
  • "I'm felling rather angry," Nico says. Page 300
  • No. I fight inside as much, as strong as I can. NO. I crawl to him, take his hand, wrap my arms around him. His body shudders, and red red red ... Page 304
  • "Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I'm saying over and over, and his eyes are mirrors of the shock in mine. Katran is invincible; we can't believe this. Then - a slight shake to his head, his eyes change, he tries to speak but coughs, and there is more blood, more seeping red. The words won't come, but his eyes speak. Love's eyes. "No, Katran, no. Don't go!" I say, shocked but knowing the truth of how he feels at the same time. How he has always felt, and the anger he hid his feeling behind. Page 304
  • Seeing what scares you for what it is does not lesson the terror. It still has the power to break your heart, over and over again. Page 308
  • Katran is - and I swallow - dead: Page 309
  • "What does it all mean? What is it for?" Page 310
  • "Traitor!" she screams. "Kyla, or Rain, or whoever you are, I'll get you. I'll hunt you down and gut you with my knife." She is dragged away, thrown in the back of a Lorder van. But not before I see the hate in her eyes. Page 311
  • But I'm never forgetting anything, ever again. Page 313
  • I cry for the little girl I was who I can't even remember apart from the fact that she just loved her dad. I cry for him and all he did to try to rescue her, no matter how she ended up there in the first place. I cry that I failed him, utterly: Never forget who you are, he said, and I did. I cry for Katranm whose flaws were obvious, but whose caring was not. When he could have run, gotten away like Nico, he came back for me. Trying to save me led to his death. Page 315
  • And I cry for myself, who I am now. Where is my place in this world? Page 315
  • Take me to your leader - a random thought I almost say out loud, and have to clamp down a hysterical giggle that works its way up my throat. Page 316
  • He's lying. Page 318
  • Untraceable. Page 322
  • Not the Nico I know and hate. Page 324
  • Dream girl, he called me. Has he been dreaming about me? Like I dream about hate past, and lost memories. Am I still there hiding in his subconscious? Page 330
  • Somewhere inside is a glimmer, a feeling. It is warm and unfamiliar, and I hold on to it, hug it tight. Page 330
  • It is hope Page 330

In reply to statement in italics...reply
  • touches his hand to my cheek...They had to have dated or been in love at some point!!! I mean all the hand to cheek touches, Katran softening up Rain. They had to have been in love. I wonder what their ship name is... Katrain?

The E-Books Chronicles: Insurgent

For some reason almost all of the second books in trilogies on my kindle.


  • "Sometimes," he says, sliding his arm across my shoulders,"people just want to be happy, even if it's not real." Page 68
  • "Divergent," he says. "Well done." Bring her to the elevator bank. We'll decide which ones to kill and which ones to bring back later" Page 183Wha
  • Eric is standing right behind me. Page 185
  • "I want a gun on her at all times," says Eric. "Not just aimed at her. On her." Page 188
  • Maybe I can't hold a gun. But I have a knife in my back pocket. Page 189
  • We both have war inside of us. Sometimes it keeps us alive. Sometimes it threatens to destroy us. Page 242
  • But he knows exactly where to hit Tobias, and how hard. And one of the places to hit Tobias hardest is to hit me. Page 271
  • Maybe we are not the ones deciding if Eric lives or dies. Maybe he is the one who decided that, when he did all those terrible things. Page 273
  • To her this execution is just an inconvenience. Page 273 - 274
  • I decide to keep the shirt to remind me why I chose Dauntless in the first place: not because they are perfect, but because they are alive. Because they are free. Page 283
  • ...this will happen again. It will never happen again. Page 301
  • "What did you do?" I scream. "You die, I die too." Tobias looks over his shoulder at me. "I asked you not to do this. You made your decision. These are the repercussions." Page 338
  • Cruelty does not make a person dishonest, the same way bravery does not make a person kind. Page 351
  • "Insurgent," he says. "Noun. A person who acts in opposition to the established authority, who is not necessarily regarded as belligerent." Page 458
  • "People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets. Page 458
  • Then the shouting begins. Page 525

New 'Series' on This Blog

  I've come up with a new thing for this blog. It will be called e-book chronicles. On kindle e-books I can quickly make notes and highlights, and then go through them at the end of the book (or during if I want.) I really wanted to make use of that on here, so not only will I put them at the end of each review I do over an e-book, but I will also do it for every e-book I have. I only have a few e-books since I don't read on my kindle much (except for like the billion samples and wattpad). So, anyway, that's what's upcoming!
Keep on readin',
Katniss Stone

Divergent Movie Review

Okay, so I got to see the special 8:00 premiere of Divergent last night! I LOVED it! The only major thing I noticed that were wrong were:

  1. Edward was not stabbed in the eye
  2. Uriah was not in the movie. (He is rumored to be in movie 2)
Yeah. That's coming from the most nit-picky movie watcher alive. I could probably be a great critic. I don't understand the bad rotten tomatoes rating at all. So.... since I am quite the story teller, I will just write a mini-story about my night. Hey! That covers non-fiction!

     I came home from school with Kenlie and we looked at pretty much every clip from Divergent that has been posted on YouTube, and my entire Divergent board on Pinterest. (Oh, you want to follow me? Click here) After a few hours, we got dressed in our faction costumes. (I was Cara from Erudite, despite the brown hair. Pics on that to come soon!) After faction-ing up, we left and picked up our other friend Aubrey to go see the movie. The movie was absoulutley fantastic! Tris and Christina were on our cups! Loved it! So anyway it was probably the 2nd best book to movie transfer. The best is still Catching Fire. 

Well, anyway, that was my night!
See you later,
Katniss Stone